Basics of Circuit Protection Devices and Controls

Any kind of establishment must have a circuit protection device, that prevents short circuits from occurring in the electrical wiring system and associated appliances in the premise. Electrical shortages can be caused by a number of reasons, but mainly voltage spikes. Chances of mishaps, fires, etc. go up by a mile if the electrical conductors inside the address are not fitted with a circuit protection and control system.

For wiring accessories, main switches, circuit protection and controls in Brisbane, HEM Electrical Suppliers are known to provide top-of-the-shelf products and solutions.

Types of circuit breakers offered at HEM Electrical Supplies:

HEM Electrical Suppliers have a variety of circuit protection devices of various specifications. Our inventory comprises of circuit breakers, electronic fuses and a range of other electrical equipment, from which customers can pick and choose as per requirement. Our circuit protection devices can be classified as per their rated voltage, on-state current, off-state-current, maximum or minimum breakdown voltage, among others.

Depending on the nature of circuit breaker customers require, i.e. for residential electrification or business premise electrification, there are a few categories of circuit breakers available with HEM Electrical Supplies:

Thermomagnetic circuit breaker:

These circuit breakers find application in engineering processes and premises that deal with information and communication technology related equipment. The circuit breakers can be used in a range of applications, owing to the various tripping characteristics. Reactivation and immediate remote signalling are two functions that consumers usually look for, when purchasing these products.

Electronic circuit breaker:

Core engineering plants, enterprises dealing with automation and communication technology are the ones which deal with electronic device circuit breakers. Voltage spiking or output voltage interruption at the switched-mode power supply unit are prevented using electronic device circuit breakers. Even in instances of high resistance, when a short circuit occurs the electronic circuit breakers from HEM Electrical Supplies trip within a few milliseconds.

Multi-channel electronic circuit breakers

Multi-channel electronic circuit breakers provide protection for four to eight loads. Each of these channels can be configured to operate individually with protection mechanisms in place for every one of them. The status of all the channels is displayed on the device such that they can be easily checked upon. These come into use in residential or business real estate where each unit consumes electricity in varying degrees.

Our circuit breaker boards facilitate easy, economic and space-saving potential distribution for circuit protection and controls in Brisbane properties. They offer protection for up to four loads per channel, and as mentioned above the group remote signalling is facilitated in two groups, allowing the switching state of the circuit breakers to be monitored.

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