Choose LED Lamps Over Outdated Light Fittings

Decorating your home with stylish lighting fixtures will simply augment the interiors in a variety of ways. These days LED lamps have become far more popular amongst customers.

These lights are efficient enough and they offer as much as 90 lumens per watt and some go as far as 160 lumens per watt as well. LED lamps and LED light fittings are highly durable and they last longer than usual light bulbs. They are not very bright and are soothing for the eyes, mood and mind. These luminous fixtures are installed in homes and in corporate houses.

Advantages of using LED light fitting

There are scores of advantages of installing LED light fixtures. Some of them have been detailed below:

  • Long lasting – These light fixtures have a long life span, and they last for about 100.000 hours. They never burn out, but simply becomes less bright over time.
  • Durable Quality – They are extremely durable and are designed efficiently. They have a rugged textured surface and can withstand tough conditions. LED light fittings are resistant to vibrations, shocks and any kind of weather condition. For this reason, they turn out to be a good option not only for indoor but also for outdoor lighting systems.
  • Radiates low level heat – They are highly suitable for all those items that are sensitive to heat. It is so because they radiate extremely low level of heat. Nowadays, museums, exhibitions and art galleries usually prefer installing these lights, as some of the objects displayed there are UV sensitive in nature.
  • No reflectors required – They require no external reflectors. They are designed using unique techniques and can easily deliver light at the desired location efficiently. The light radiated is not very bright and it is quite relaxing.
  • Brightens up instantly – When you power on these lights, they bright up instantly. They do not take long to achieve their full light nor flicker like the traditional lights and bulbs.
  • Saves energy – Traditional lights and conventional bulbs are expensive, and you may have to replace them every now and then. When compared to them, the LED lights save about 80 to 90 percent of energy.
  • Eco-friendly nature – They are non-toxic. Apart from that, these light fittings do not contain mercury which is said to be highly injurious to health. Therefore, they are far more preferred over fluorescent bulbs and other lights.

If you wish to save a lot on electricity bills and want to decorate your home with fancy light fixtures, then you can opt for LED lamps and LED light fittings from Hem Electrical. The brand brings to you an array of well-designed stylish lights and fittings which will add a modern touch to indoors and outdoors of your home or office undoubtedly.

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